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Ruckus Cloud
Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi 1 Year Subscription for 1 AP, US or EU Hosted
Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi 3 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US or EU Hosted
Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi 5 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US or EU Hosted

Ruckus Cloud



Simplified Management. Simply Better Network.

Growing network demands outstripping your IT resources? No problem. Ruckus Cloud radically simplifies WLAN setup and management. Provision, monitor and troubleshoot your entire network through a single web dashboard or mobile app. The Ruckus Cloud service works with a wide variety of Ruckus access points (APs) and ICX switches. You get easy management. Your users get a consistently great network experience – fast, reliable and secure.

Ruckus Cloud is WLAN Management-as-a-Service. Wi-Fi coverage and capacity is provided by high-performance APs deployed on site; control and management are delivered as a cloud service through a web and mobile interface. Ruckus Cloud enables any organization with any level of IT resources to quickly and easily set up, monitor and manage a campus or multi-site WLAN of any size, without sacrificing network performance.

The only cloud-managed WLAN that delivers:

  • Reliable operation under the most challenging client density, RF interference and environmental circumstances
  • Simple, intuitive web-based and mobile app-based user interfaces that hide complexity from the user, displaying only the information needed to accomplish a task
  • Scalable to a network of any size, all visible through a single, common UI
  • Investment protection: APs can be reused with any Ruckus architecture, should customers decide to migrate to an on-premises or data center-centric approach

Cloud is comprised of:

  • An all-inclusive subscription package
  • A large selection of compatible access points (APs)
  • A interesting selection of compatible ICX switches

Choose from the following subscription options:

  • 1-year
  • 3-year
  • 5-year

Cloud Subscription Includes:

  • AP management
  • Switch management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • 24×7 phone / chat / web support

Ruckus Cloud

The Ruckus Cloud is built on the proven, high-scale Virtual SmartZone controller platform and incorporates a sophisticated analytics and reporting function derived from the Ruckus SmartCell Insight big data analytics platform. The Ruckus Cloud features an extensible, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) compliant architecture that enables the rapid introduction of new capabilities—including best-in-class 3rd party functionality, such as customer enablement applications, location-based services, and others.


Intuitive Cloud Managed

Ruckus Cloud takes the complexity out of deploying and managing your network. Even a small IT staff can keep pace with the longest list of network demands—new users, guest networks, Wi-Fi-enabled buildings and campuses. Ruckus checks all the boxes for simple, intuitive cloud managed network:

  • Remote setup of additional APs and new sites in minutes
  • Remote setup of additional switches in minutes
  • Intuitive web interface with virtually no learning curve
  • Full-featured mobile app for anywhere, anytime network management and monitoring

Exceptional User Experience

Ruckus is known for exceptional Wi-Fi and network performance even under the most challenging network conditions. This means exceptionally happy users.  Get the best of both worlds–easy cloud Wi-Fi management together with the best APs in the industry.

Deploy your network at Cloud Scale

Whether you’re deploying tens of APs or tens of thousands, a few sites or a few hundred sites, Ruckus Cloud has you covered.  Expand your network with ease and speed. Manage and monitor the entire network through a single pane of glass web interface or the Ruckus Cloud mobile app. That’s the power of true cloud scalability and speed.

Protect Your Network Investment

Wi-Fi and network technology is changing at a dizzying rate. Your own network environment is probably changing constantly, too. You may decide to shift your WLAN management approach. With Ruckus Cloud , your network investments are protected.

  • Works with a growing list of Ruckus 802.11ac APs
  • Change WLAN management from cloud to on-premise or vice versa without changing APs

Wide Range of Supported Access Points and ICX Switches

Ruckus Cloud works with a wide range of indoor and outdoor Ruckus access points and also with a wide range of ICX switches.

View currently supported APs and ICX switches here

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Features Summary and Specifications
  • Virtually unlimited number of APs can be supported
  • Clients per AP: refer to AP datasheet
Employee Wi-Fi
  • PSK (WPA/WPA2), 802.1x/RADIUS authentication
  • SSID scheduling (via mobile app)
  • Per client bandwidth limit
Guest Wi-Fi
  • Open, PSK, captive portal, social Wi-Fi login (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter), sponsored guest
  • Guest manager (Front desk) admin portal
  • SMS authentication, email and print guest pass
  • SSID scheduling (via mobile app)
  • Free Wi-Fi access with time limit (via mobile app)
  • Per WLAN aggregate bandwidth limit
  • Per WLAN and per client bandwidth limit
  • MAC caching support
RF Features
  • Channel and power control per venue
  • BeamFlex, BeamFlex+, band balancing (between 2.4 and 5GHz radios on the same AP), load balancing (between APs)
  • ChannelFly and background scan
  • Airtime fairness
  • Client isolation
  • Mesh (AP model R310 does not support mesh)
Traffic Types
  • Only AP and client management traffic is sent to cloud
  • Client data traffic is broken out to local LAN
  • All traffic from AP to cloud is encrypted
  • Client data traffic is locally terminated (not sent to cloud)
  • Management data in the cloud is fully encrypted
Secure Device Onboarding and Device-based Policy Via Cloudpath subscription service (sold separately)
Long-term Reporting
  • Application visibility
  • Complete traffic report (per AP, per SSID, per venue, per radio)
  • Session report
  • Unique client report (tracking 2.4 vs 5GHz clients over time)
  • Duration: up to 6 months (some reports may be restricted to shorter duration)
  • Remotely reboot APs, pull diagnostics information
  • Event logs sorted by venue, SSID, AP, client
  • Alarms generated for AP status
Mobile App
  • iOS and android native applications
  • Push notifications for alarms (e.g. AP up/down events)
  • Add new APs to venue, add new SSIDs (enterprise or guest), view and modify SSID and passphrase
  • Monitor status of WLAN and clients
  • Customize captive portal content, define custom SSID schedules
  • Monitor and unblock guest Wi-Fi users that have reached free Wi-Fi limit
VAR Delegation
  • Organizations have the ability to delegate their access credentials to enable Ruckus authorized VAR to man- age network
  • Ruckus VAR single sign-on to manage multiple cus- tomer networks
Other Management Highlights
  • SMS, email and mobile push notifications
    • Network alerts
    • Customer notifications
  • Google maps integration
  • Import floor plan to venue to visualize physical location of APs
Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hosted in USA on world-class IAAS provider with:
    • ISO 27001 information security certification
    • SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certifications
    • Stringent physical, data access, data disposal security measures
    • Green carbon-neutral facilities
    • Dedicated inter-DC fiber connectivity
  • 99.9% network availability (does not include planned maintenance including periodic software upgrades and other pre-announced activities)
  • Ruckus NOC (U.S.-based)
  • 24×7 chat/online ticketing system/phone support options
  • Support for the Wi-Fi service is included for the term of the subscription
  • AP hardware warranty is covered separately with the AP purchase
    • Generally, warranty on indoor APs is limited lifetime and on outdoor APs it is 1 year. Refer to the specific AP datasheet for details.
    • Warranty replacement process is return to factory. Ruckus will ship replacement AP after receiving customer’s AP.
    • Advanced hardware replacement for each AP is sold separately (SKUs starting with 803-).
AP Models Supported
  • All Unleashed APs (SKUs starting with 9U1)
Cloud SKUs
  • 1-year Cloud Wi-Fi license for one AP
    • CLD-RKWF-1001
  • 3-year Cloud Wi-Fi license for one AP
    • CLD-RKWF-3001
  • 5-year Cloud Wi-Fi license for one AP
    • CLD-RKWF-5001

Note: Subscription starts when the activation email is sent to customer. The start time is the same for all the licenses in the order, e.g., if customer orders 50 x 5-yr subscription, subscription start time is the same for all 50 APs, even if some are installed at a later date.

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