Savvius Insight

Savvius Insight - Network Visibility si Diagnoza retelei

Network monitoring for small and remote offices

Savvius Insight

Real-time enterprise-class network management for smaller networks

Savvius Insight is the newest and smallest addition to the Omnipliance family of network monitoring appliances. Savvius Insight has no moving parts, connects inline to the network with two bypass ports, and has three extra ports for span port captures.

Placed inline to an Internet connection, Savvius Insight automatically begins collecting network statistics and trend data for immediate display and long-term reporting. Users can instantly access in-depth analytics on network activity such as:

  • Bandwidth Utilization – monitor average and maximum bandwidth consumption rates to make key purchasing and management decisions.
  • Application Response Times – examine average, minimum, and maximum response times for critical network applications to identify productivity correlations and ensure SLAs with service providers.
  • Flow Volume – review overall network traffic flows as well as specific conversations between connected devices.
  • Packet Types – filter and analyze network traffic by network protocols.
  • Expert Events – real-time analysis of key network operations including TCP events, IP events, ICMP events, DNS errors, and slow server response times to identify spikes and trends.
  • Security Events – identify the presence of authentication failures, dictionary attack events, flooding, and other indicators of potential network security issues.

savvius insight

Savvius Insight also has the ability to forward data to a remote ELK server, aggregating the data from multiple Insight appliances into a single database for long-term reporting and centralized data access across multiple locations. Savvius Insight has 128 gigabytes of storage that holds days, weeks or months of network data, depending on network traffic and which analytics are captured and stored. Savvius Insight also adds Savvius’ popular Compass network data visualization dashboard.



  • Saves money by having an affordable network monitoring appliance at every location
  • Provides remote troubleshooting and reporting capabilities 24×7 without requiring travel
  • Reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) by providing advanced troubleshooting capabilities at the edge
  • Increases ROI of Omnipliance deployments through use of Omnipeek and MSA
  • Provides built-in, web-based, local or remote long-term reporting using ELK technology