Fortigate 400E

Fortigate 400E, Fortigate 400E Bundle, #FG-400E, FG-400E-BDL, pret Fortigate 400E Pret lista recomandat producator : #FG-400E-BDL,  #FG-400E Fortigate 400ESpecificatii tehnice si DataSheetCerere oferta / Echipament DEMOFortigate 400E The FortiGate 400E series delivers next generation firewall capabilities for mid-sized to large enterprises, with the flexibility to be deployed at the campus or enterprise branch. Protect against cyber threats with security processor powered high performance, security efficacy and deep visibility. Security Identifies thousands of applications inside network traffic for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement Protects against malware, [...]

5G is About to Change the World. Here’s How it Works

5G at a Glance Several aspects of 5G technology allow mobile operators to create a faster, larger network than ever before while maintaining lower latency than was previously possible. Just how fast are we talking? Up to 20 gigabits per second downlink speed, compared to 4G/LTE’s maximum speed of 150 megabits per second. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of 5G’s capabilities: Exploring the 5G Fundamentals There are five key technology aspects that contribute to achieving 5G objectives in mobile networks. If we look [...]

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Remove security as a burden in the cloud. Developers like the speed and flexibility of the cloud—but many fail due to cloud security challenges. Cloud Security Guardian manages security for them, automatically. Leverage industry best practices for security compliance. Cloud Security Guardian is fully CIS Benchmarks-certified – their benchmarks are incorporated as pre-loaded policies in Cloud Security Guardian. Policies for PCI DSS and HIPAA are also included. Full-stack cloud security Only Barracuda Networks integrates cloud security management with perimeter and network security solutions – [...]

The Ruckus IoT Smart Door Lock Solution

Increasingly, it is becoming challenging for schools, hotels, and multi-dwelling units (MDUs) to secure buildings and campuses. To ensure a secure workplace for staff – as well as protect students, residents, and visitors – schools, hotels, and MDUs are all steadily replacing standard door locks with IoT smart lock solutions. Let’s explore this critical trend in more detail below. Schools/Universities From 2013 to 2018, Everytown Research identified 405 incidents of gunfire on school grounds in the United States. In response [...]

DDoS Defense Demands a Hybrid Approach

Picture this: a DDoS attack is crushing your network. Your enterprise’s internet pipe is under siege and almost to capacity. There’s nowhere else for traffic to go, making it impossible for legitimate user traffic to get through. What’s the result? The attack is successful. Your network or services fall down. You lose productivity and revenue. And your brand is damaged. You’re left picking up the pieces. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Had the enterprise in this scenario employed a [...]

Ruckus introduce noi functionalitati pentru controllerul SmartZone

Complexitatea rețelelor a crescut semnificativ în ultimii ani. În consecință, operatorii, furnizorii de servicii (MSP) și companiile  mari consideră că este mai dificil decât oricând să controleze costurile administrative ale rețelei. Pentru a reduce cheltuielile generale, aceste organizații iau in considerare soluții de tip all-in-one care simplifică în mod sigur controlul și administrarea mai multor elemente IT din cadrul rețelei. În plus, furnizorii MSP care oferă servicii de networking-as-a-service (NaaS) isi doresc  o soluție care să ofere flexibilitate și scalabilitate [...]

Programul academic de Securitate IT de la Fortinet – NSE

Abordarea diferenței de competențe în domeniul cybersecurity este o problemă complexă și cu fete multiple. În timp ce  organizațiile de astăzi pot folosi o varietate de soluții pentru a menține o poziție de securitate eficientă, pentru a rezolva cu adevărat problema, industria cybersecurity trebuie să privească spre viitor – mai precis, viitorul educației pentru securitatea cibernetică. Din acesta perspectiva  Fortinet a lansat programul său internațional Expert în securitatea rețelelor (NSE), un program de certificare pe opt niveluri care vizează avansarea [...]